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MILLIONS of Americans spend BILLIONS of dollars to buy and sell property every year. 

And a large chunck of that expense is WASTED!!  The Dirty, Ugly Truth explains WHY.

Here are just a few inside secrets the real estate industry does NOT want you to know.  How YOUR money is being squandered!

How many licensees are being paid on your transaction.  Are they all needed?


How much of your commissons are wasted on unnecessary administration expenses or training and recruiting unnecessaary agents who probably won't be involved in your transaction.


Do you think your elected officials and Real Estate Departments are on your side?  Think greed!  Think'd be shocked!


Why do your "friends" ask you to pay double or even triple what sellers with lower priced homes pay?  You get NOTHING extra.  You're wasting hard earned money!  LOOK.


$200,000 x 5% = $10,000                                       $400,000 x 5% = $20,000   

$500,000 x 5% = $25,000  


WHY!!!  It's the same transaction! -- like a car wash or a doctor.   End this madness!


THIS BOOK WILL PAY YOU BACK DOZENS OF TIMES OVER.   Don't buy, sell or enter the real estate business until you read this book!!

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